Eric Conley Biography

Eric Conley was born in Arlington, Georgia on August 15, 1962. Being born into a nationally known gospel family, Eric was immersed in music from the start. At eleven years old, young Eric started singing in several successful touring gospel attractions, which gave him instant recognition in gospel and soul music. With a keen ear for pitch and harmony, Eric quickly absorbed the fundamentals of music; being able to listen to a musical arrangement and play it immediately on several different instruments. He was very active in the Atlanta, Georgia music scene and was talented enough to accompany soul artist as background vocalists. 


In high school, Eric enjoyed sports, but, inspired by his musical hero, the great Barry White, he worked harder on becoming a confident musician. At the University of Maryland, where he majored in business, he refused a sports scholarship in order to better concentrate on his studies. After college, Eric was stationed in Germany with the US Army, receiving an honorable discharge in 1987. Once out of the Army, Eric took on his new persona as Central Europe’s hottest soul singer. After performing hundreds of concerts singing the R&B Soul classics of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, Eric decided to hang his hat on what he does best . . . sing the music of the legendary Barry White. With Eric’s unique voice, he quickly discovered that there was no other vocalist in the world capable of so faithfully emulating Barry White’s “Voice of Love”. 



























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