Unlike in the Police, it was not the drummer, but the band’s guitarplayer Serge “Andy” Hertoge who started up the Police Tribute band, called the COPS. He didn't realise until later that the name could also stand for the band’s repertoire: “Covers of the Police & Sting”. Serge has been a professional session guitarist for years and runs his own recording studio.

Drummer Joris “Stewart” Peeters is no stranger to the Belgian music scene either, working for artists such as Paul Michiels, Leki and many others. Like many of his fellow-drummers he’s been influenced by the great Stewart Copeland himself, especially where his delicate hihat work is concerned. However, it took a while before both musicians could lay their hands on a singer/bass player who could handle Sting’s characteristic high-pitched falsetto notes.

Singer/songwriter Steven Miller, active as an artist with his own successful project, “Miller” turned out to be the perfect guy for the job. Being a multi-instrumentalist who already played the guitar and piano, it didn’t take him too long before he mastered the bass and could pull off those classic Police basslines. Miller has been active in other projects, such as Buadee’s Walkerband. The COPS are the Police Tributeband, probably the closest to “the real thing”.

Close your eyes and enjoy all the Police’s classics, played live by the COPS with the same energy and enthusiasm of Sting, Copeland & Summers!




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